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Copyright © 2015 Walts Body Shop All Rights Reserved 330-482-4780 4075 - State Route 7, Columbiana Ohio, 44408 - 

We are fast becoming a one-stop auto repair center even though our name, "Walt's Body Shop LLC" doesn't give such an indication.


Our current customers know for sure. Many of them are even on a first name basis with some of our mechanical technicians.


The leader of our mechanical team, Chuck, has been with us since 1995. He is A. S.E. certified in numerous categories. His tenure speaks to his abilities to see that a vehicle is diagnosed properly and repaired correctly.


We have a front-end center to insure proper wheel alignments. We diagnose and replace many worn out or bent suspension and steering parts including shock absorbers, struts, tie rod ends, and ball joints. We also mount and balance wheels and tires in this center.


Engine diagnostics is another strength we have. Once diagnosed, we replace faulty water pumps, faulty intake manifold gaskets, faulty head gaskets, faulty radiators, faulty starters, and faulty electric components and modules. Engine tune-ups include new spark plugs, ignition wires, air filters, and fuel filters. Of course, engine oil changes with new engine oil filters are one of the most popular and frequent orders performed.


We are fully competent and equipped for air conditioning services. We diagnose and repair/replace many air compressors, evaporator cores, condensers, and a/c lines. We install a/c dye into the a/c systems with the refrigerant charge. This enables us to view dye stains where refrigerant may find a way to escape at a later date. We have refrigerant "sniffers" that detect leaks in non-viewable areas.


Our exhaust center employs a custom pipe bender that enables us to make nearly any kind of exhaust pipe component. We can save the consumer money by replacing a portion of an otherwise expensive exhaust assembly.


Brake system repair is large at Walt's Body Shop LLC. We install rotors and pads. We resurface rotors and drums with our brake lathe if replacement is not required. Our inventory readies most needed items to our fingertips. We replace many steel brake lines that have rusted through and leak brake fluid. We resolve all aspects of brake hydraulics with our skills, tools, and staff.


Other items we resolve frequently include fuel pumps, "service engine" lights, and performance issues related to virtually any system on a vehicle.


We have a comfortable waiting room that many of our customers enjoy while their repairs are being done. We have a key drop for customers who leave their vehicles here after hours.

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