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"Serving others since 1958"
How many businesses do you know that employ three generations of family? This business is one. Each day all three generations work together with staff to repair the numerous vehicles that are brought to the shop in need.

The first generation is Walt Cooper. He is the founder and proprietor.

The second generation is Wynn Cooper. He is Walt's son and general manager.

The third generation is Devin & Gavin Cooper(twins) and Amber Cooper. They are three of Wynn's offspring. Devin is all about building maintenance, hauling cars, tools, and body repair. Gavin paints nearly every car or truck that passes through the body shop. Amber works part-time in bookkeeping.

Walt Cooper started this business in 1958. He continues leading and coaching the crew at age seventy-two. Walt possesses more than his share of ambition and drive - these two forces power his skills in this stage of his life and business. Walt constantly parlays his knowledge to his staff of professionals who turn the wheels of production every business day.

In addition to family members there are eight other employees who complete the staff for a total of thirteen people.

Walt's Body Shop is diversified into three segments to better serve you for all of your automotive needs.

First, and foremost, is the body shop division. Full collision repairs are made for walk-in customers and insurance companies alike.

Second, the mechanical segment of the business performs tune-ups, wheel alignments, tire sales, engine repairs, scan tool diagnostics, brakes, exhaust-including custom pipe bending, and undercarriage work-including fuel lines and brake lines.

The third aspect of the business is the used car and used truck sales. These vehicles are completely prepared for sale by professionals who want you to come back again and again for your used car purchases. These vehicles are truly better than what can easily be found anywhere else. These vehicles don't need a sales pitch-just a test drive. They sell themselves.

The Cooper family is committed deeply to this business in more ways than can be counted. They want to please every customer and meet every customer's automotive need.

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Each customer is a person respected and appreciated by the entire staff.
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Why Buy a Car Here???

  Everyone wants to buy a vehicle that is fully ready to go without surprises or additional expenses. Dealers who 'produce' cars for sale like this serve the public more than themselves. In us, you have found such a dealer.

Customers return again and again to buy vehicles here. They send friends and family to see us. We are a trusted company proven by the testimony of those who have dealt with us - not by self-proclamation.

When you spend the amount of money it takes to buy a nice car in today's market you want to be sure the vehicle itself doesn't need repairs of any kind the day you bring it home. Also, you want a great deal that you can talk about for years to come.

Most car dealers concentrate on selling/retailing vehicles - ready or not. They offer to sell you an extended warranty to cover items they should have taken care of before you bought the car. This practice is a band-aid for the cars and trucks they sell that may not be truly prepared for the purchaser.

Enter Walt's Body Shop used cars into your shopping equation.

We service and repair cars and trucks as a main line of business for our local customers and many insurance companies. Selling used cars that we've prepared for sale just comes easy as a second nature. The vehicles we offer for sale are prepared. They are truly ready for sale. We refer to these units as "turn key" vehicles. "Turn key" vehicles are the ones you take home without needs - just turn the key and drive them proudly because of your wisdom in choice.

Many of our latest model vehicles are those we have carefully and thoughtfully selected from pools of vehicles offered for sale by insurance companies. There is a recipe that must be strictly adhered to when we select one of these vehicles to repair and sell.

The vehicle must show pride of ownership from its prior owner, the mileage must give it a marketable advantage, and the vehicle, of course, must be worthy of repairs. All of these points are of optimum importance for us as a seller. We know these points are even more paramount for each of our customers as a buyer.

We have a niche in the used car market that few dealers have or can compete with. We are able to successfully repair damaged vehicles. As a result, we can offer late model vehicles with below average mileage on them for a great savings to the buyer. These vehicles are professionally repaired. We believe in these vehicles. Our customers who buy them are believers at the point of sale and believers years after. They come back repeatedly through the years to acquire another "great deal".

Every trade has its good guys and its bad guys. We give our trade a good name and a good reputation. We want to perpetuate our trade. Many times, people are skeptical of a repaired car or truck that has been in a collision. The reason for this is there have been improperly repaired vehicles by the untrained and those without the proper tools. That doesn't happen here. There's no excuse for that. We are trained, equipped, responsible, and our reputation is built on years of what we've proven - not just words.

It's a "no brainer" when you're able to purchase a late model car with lower than average miles on it for less money especially when the unit is in top condition. Well, at least for our customers who know us and have experienced this truly "great deal".

We always have to overcome any skepticism that arises from new customers during their discovery period and their shopping inquiries. The question about an "R" title is usually asked. Some of our vehicles for sale do have an "R" title.

An "R" title indicates that the vehicle is fully repaired from an insurance company total to a state inspected vehicle that is once again legal and worthy for continued highway use. The "R" title label stays with the vehicle through all subsequent owners for the life of the unit. This is done by the state so that consumers will always know the truth about the history of the vehicle. This "R" title brand caused many enterprises to discontinue rebuilding salvaged cars and trucks.

This has never been a problem for us here at Walt's Body Shop. We have always told the truth about our cars and trucks even before the state mandated the "R" title brand that would never drop from the paperwork. We have always been proud to tell our customers what we do with repairs. Our units speak for themselves during test drives and viewing. Our customers speak for them, too.

We have had many new customers pay their mechanic or another company to fully inspect our vehicles just to be sure. The inspectors have reported the units show so signs of any concern. In fact, many of the professionals have said they couldn't tell where the vehicle had been repaired. Those customers then promptly made a purchase they never regretted only to come back again the next time.

We sell cars and trucks that have been purchased from insurance companies. We sell those that we purchase from our customers and other private owners. No matter the source of our acquisition, each and every unit is properly prepared for sale as a "turn key" unit that you can be proud to own. We give you permission to tell everyone about your great deal.


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